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Cookies                              $1.15

Brownie Bites                      $1.15

Cheesecake Bites                $1.50

Dulce de Leche                   $1.50

Cake Bites                          $1.50

Coconut, Citrus, Chocolate, Tartlets


Coffee Service  (serves 10-8oz cups)          $9.00

Hot Tea and Tea Bags (serves 8)               $9.00

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice                    $9.00

Juice (Apple, Cranberry, Carrot)                  $9.00

Ice Water with Lemon                                  $2.00

Can Soda                                                    $1.50

Bottled Water                                             $1.25

Bottle Juices (Snapple, Nantucket)             $2.25



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  • Carlos Cortes
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Mo-Sat 9am-6pm
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