Signature Items

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20 person minimum.
Includes two side dishes

Whether you are planning a dinner event, wedding, formal luncheon, or celebration, our Signature Menu features delicious choices that will please a variety of taste buds.  Red Tomato’s commitment to fresh quality ingredients and beautiful presentations will ensure your event is a success.  Each catering order includes two side dishes.

Our Signature menu items include the following:
Main course, one hot side, one cold side and fresh homemade bread.

Herb Roasted Chicken         $13.95    per person
Chicken breast/thigh encrusted with a myriad of farm fresh herbs,
roasted to perfection to sear in the natural juices. 
Parmesan risotto with asparagus 
Caesar salad
Focaccia bread

Chicken Marsala           $14.95  per person
Sautéed chicken with creamy mushrooms and Marsala wine sauce. Medallions of chicken breast cooked to tenderness and simmered with brown buttered mushrooms and herbs. A light glaze of Marsala wine creates a deliciuos flavor.
Grilled vegetables
Garlic white rice
Focaccia bread 

Chicken Parmesano            $14.95  per person
Breaded chicken breast topped with fresh mozzarella
Grilled Vegetables
Caesar salad
Garlic focaccia bread
Tender chicken breasts are breaded in house made bread crumbs, baked to juicy perfection and ladled with our own signature red sauce. topped with fresh mozarella.

Ajillo Chicken and Mushrooms         $13.95  per person
Thinly sliced shavings of garlic and Guajillo pepper envelop chicken, white mushrooms and parsley adding earthiness to round out the flavor. avocado bean salad Arugula and spinach salad, focaccia bread 

Chicken Lime Fajitas                $13.95 per person
Add 3.00 for steak

Mexican rice
Refried beans
Cheese mix cheddar and jack cheese 
Red sauce 
Corn and Flour tortillas

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce          $13.95   per person
Classic and simple. Flavor forward sauce balanced with beef meat sauce
conjure feelings of uncomplicated times. A true American classic sure to please any palate.
Green garden salad
Roasted vegetables
Focaccia bread

Beef Brisket with Wine Sauce         $15.95   per person
Great marbled beef cut that lends to tender and juicy bites.
Red wine and sweet paprika adds an additional flavor tone to this entrée.
This dish is fork tender & shreds easily. 
Grilled Vegetables
Caesar salad
Focaccia bread

Mexican Torta Bar                    $13.95  per person
A traditional Mexican sandwich of vibrant bite sized vegetables mixed with Mexican seasoned ground beef.
Picadillo (ground beef with mixed vegetables)
Refried beans
Fresh Mexican cheese
Chipotle sauce
Bollillo (Mexican baguette)

Quinoa Stuffed Portobello VEG- VV       $14.95  per person
Roasted cauliflower
Grilled vegetables
Focaccia bread

Spaghetti Primavera VEG.        $12.95  per person
Simple flavors of olive oil, herbs and vegetables keep this dish light and palate pleasing. 
Add chicken $2.00
Grilled Vegetables
Caesar salad
Focaccia bread

Penne Pasta Gorgonzola VEG.        $12.95  per person
Penne noodles are cooked al dente and wrapped in luscious layers of Gorgonzola cheese sauce.
Add chicken breast to the dish for a boost of protein.
Add chicken $2.00
Grilled vegetables
Garden salad
Focaccia bread 

Cold side dishes (Serves 10-12)

Kale salad                                                         $20.00
Crunchy broccoli salad                                      $25.00
Caesar Salad                                                    $20.00
Seashell arugula and prosciutto pasta salad     $25.00
Cool cucumber orzo salad                                 $25.00
Avocado black bean salad                                $25.00 (3 lbs)
Summer salad with poppy seed dressing          $20.00
Arugula spinach                                               $20.00
Guacamole                                                      $25.00 (3lbs)


Hot side dishes (Serves 10-12)

Garlic mashed potatoes                              $20.00
Roasted veggies                                         $25.00
Roasted Cauliflower                                   $25.00
Wild rice or pilaf rice                                   $25.00
Garlic withe rice                                          $20.00
Black beans or refried beans                      $20.00
Broccoli cashew                                          $25.00
Green bean with almonds                           $25.00


Soft Drinks                                                                                  $2.00
Bottled Water                                                                              $2.00 
Pellegrino                                                                                   $3.00
Bottled juice                                                                                $2.50
Coffee Service     (serves 10-8oz cups)                                    $20.00
Hot Tea and Tea Bags (serves 10-8oz cups)                             $20.00
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice    (serves 10-8oz cups)              $35.00
Iced Water with Lemon   (serves 10-8oz cups)                           $16.00


Flan                                                              $2.00 
Brownie bites                                                 $2.00
Homemade cookies                                       $2.00
Fresh lemon bars                                          $2.00
Tres Leches                                                  $3.00



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